The Top 5 Types of Photography Forms

Written by Formstack on August 27, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

While I wish I could qualify myself as a photographer, I don’t think my working knowledge of an iPhone camera and ability to identify the best VSCO Cam/Afterlight filter necessarily make me a pro. However, I am a pro at knowing the best uses for Formstack forms!

Like any other business, making the switch to online forms allows you to spend less time filing papers and more time growing your business, and this is especially true for small photography companies. Why waste time organizing paper forms when you can be out completing more photo sessions? With web forms and online data management, your client information is more secure and easier to organize, freeing up your day and allowing for more money making opportunities.

Here are five types of web forms that you can start using at your photography business today:

  1. Client Inquiry While you may love spending time on-location with your clients, you can’t do that if you don’t have any! A client inquiry or contact form is the best way to start building out your list of prospective customers. With Formstack, you can create a small form with name and email fields and quickly embed it into your website. If you integrate the form with one of our email marketing clients, all of the submitted inquiries can automatically be added to your email list.

  2. Appointment Request After you’ve generated a list of prospective clients, quickly book appointments with an appointment request form. Add a date/time field to your form, and your client can submit their available or requested session times. If you use Google Calendar, you can integrate your form with our plugin, and appointments can automatically be created on your schedule.

  3. Contract Agreement It’s important to establish a working relationship with your client, and a contract is the best way to address matters like session length, payment processes, deliverables, and other aspects of your business. With Formstack’s electronic signature feature, contracts can easily be completed and signed online. This saves your client an additional trip to your office, and you can back up the contract data (which reduces your risk of losing it).

  4. Payment Form Let’s be honest. As much as you love photography, it is your business and you need to generate sales to sustain it, right? Your online payment form could be (literally!) the most valuable form for your company. Integrate your payment form with one of Formstack’s payment processors to collect payments online. Again, this reduces the amount of office trips your client will have to make and secures your funds. As someone who once drove two hours to get her high school senior pictures taken (don’t judge. Okay, judge a little bit.), I know your clients will appreciate it.

  5. Follow-Up Survey After the photos have been taken, edited to perfection, and delivered to your client, make sure you gather feedback on their experience to ensure you’re providing the best service possible. You can start with one of Formstack’s pre-built survey forms or build a survey from scratch, and all responses can be stored in your Formstack account. You can also create charts from the data to visually analyze your client feedback.

For even more ideas or form examples that you can import into your account, check out this page we’ve created just for photographers.