The Top 4 Types of Bakery Forms

Written by Abby Nieten on September 4, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

Recently, I wrote a post about the best types of forms for photographers. In that post, I was totally transparent about the fact that I am not a professional photographer, but I do know a lot about ways to use Formstack forms. Well, now I’m tasked again with listing the best types of forms for bakeries. While my preferred method of “baking” includes the arduous tasks of breaking off squares of dough and placing them onto a cookie sheet, I CAN see the value of certain forms for this industry.

By using online forms, bakeries and bakery owners can spend less time organizing paper forms and more time perfecting their secret recipes. Here are four types of forms that can simplify the operations at any bakery:

  1. Order form. If you’re the owner of a small, “mom and pop”-style bakery, you probably have your fair share of regular customers. However, consider how much you could expand your customer base with an online ordering process. Putting an order form on your website would allow you to better prioritize each day of baking, as well as give out-of-town customers a chance to order your goods as well. Our forms let you add product photos, calculate total prices, set up discount codes for your customers, and send confirmation emails to buyers. Additionally, all orders can be stored and organized in your Formstack account.

  1. Contact form. A simple contact form including name and email fields can serve a variety of uses. If you specialize in custom creations, this form can be an inquiry for customers wanting unique cakes or cookies. If you’re trying to grow your customer base, integrate your contact form with one of our email marketing clients to add prospective customers to an email list. Additionally, this can also become a medium for basic questions or suggestions with the addition of a Short Answer field.

  1. Contest form. There’s a bakery in my hometown that makes amazing cherry turnovers, but they only sell them one weekend a year. When that weekend approaches, those cherry turnovers are the talk of the town. Create an annual contest that will generate similar buzz in your community. For example, you can build an online contest form encouraging users to submit their favorite family recipe using the File Upload link. The winning recipe will become a permanent item in your bakery, and the winner can name the product. Personal, engaging contests can become a great word-of-mouth opportunity for your business.

  2. Feedback form. You can spend hours baking your favorite recipes, but if your customers don’t like them, you probably won’t be in business for very long. A feedback form allows you to gather feedback about what goods are the most popular in your community. If you have an email list, send a quick survey to your customers asking them to rank the various products on your menu. If not, place your form’s unique URL or QR code on customer receipts so they can access the survey in that way. Periodic surveys will ensure that you’re baking the goods that your customers find most tasty.

For more forms inspiration, check out the page we developed just for bakeries. It includes information about the best Formstack features for your industry, as well as some order forms you can import directly into your account instead of building one from scratch (get it?).

Do you use other types of forms at your bakery? Are you a die-hard fan of paper forms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!