The Best Times to Use Social Share Buttons on Your Form

Written by Abby Nieten on March 13, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

Our social share button capability is a pretty awesome way to promote your Formstack form online. It allows you to place social media links at the bottom of your forms, creating automatic links to your unique URL that are posted via the user’s personal account. Social networking platforms like LinkedInFacebook and Twitter are powerful tools to drive traffic to your form or your cause. If you utilize it the right way, social media can literally connect you with any Internet user around the globe, which could be great for bringing attention to your form via the social share buttons. Check out this support doc for help with implementing these buttons on your form.

There are a few types of Formstack forms that are ideal for this type of plugin. These forms deserve to be shared socially due to the content or initiative driving submissions:

  • Fundraisers: When you are using a form to generate donations or raise money for a cause, share buttons are a great way to raise awareness. A social share button on this type of form means that users are directed straight to the page where they can enter their payment information, as many fundraising forms include a payment integration.
  • Contests: If you are hosting a contest or a sweepstakes, social share buttons will allow visitors to tailor their social media posts to relevant friends. For example, if your form is a writing contest entry, users can mention certain literary friends in their tweets or Facebook posts.
  • Email Newsletter Signups: Want to spread the word about your email marketing campaign?  Social media buttons are a great way to drive signups.  You can also personalize the message that automatically pops up when the user posts a tweet or status update. This is a good opportunity to include an incentive for signing up, such as a free t-shirt or discount.
  • Surveys: When conducting surveys, you’ll want to maximize your response rate. Like the email signups, offering an incentive for taking the survey and personalizing your share message will be a great way to drive traffic to the page. You can even offer an additional incentive for those who take the survey and share the link on social media. Since your form URL is unique, this makes it easy to track mentions on social media. Just copy and paste the link into the search bar!

As you can see, there are lots of instances when a social share button could benefit your cause or company. In fact, there aren’t many situations when a social share button wouldn’t be appropriate! Well … you probably shouldn’t put a social share button on your wedding RSVP form or other private event invitations. No one wants a call from that weird third cousin who just got Facebook, angry that he or she wasn’t invited. We digress.

What are some times when you’ve seen success using the social share buttons plugin? Have you used this capability on any unique types of forms? Let us know in the comments below!