Thoughts on Corporate and Collaborative Culture

Written by Miranda Nicholson on August 29, 2013

Posted in Human Resources

My first three jobs after school all had one thing in common: Corporate Culture.  Business Casual meant “Business-Business.”  I was chained to a desk from 8-5, Monday through Friday, and I had better NEVER have fun.

This all changed in 2010.  My company and my job were relocating to San Francisco and I was thrust headfirst into a whole new world (to me) of tech startups where no one in the office was over the age of 35. I went from planning ice cream socials where no one was actually social, to explaining to the developers that a taxidermy moose actually wouldn’t look good in our office space (“But it’s free on Craigslist!”).

Now that I am back in Indy with Formstack, I am thankful to still be in an environment where collaborative culture is encouraged. I was once reprimanded for wearing open-toed shoes to work, and now I’m currently penning this in jean shorts and a tank top from my office.  Corporate world was stuffy and strict and here, the CEO hands out hugs and high fives when he’s in town.  The environment is about collaboration, creativity and the chance to really own your role.

While this type of culture is certainly more prevalent in San Francisco – the land of startups and Apple products – I’m happy to see that the environment also exists in Indiana and, more specifically, at the place I call my job.