Support How-To: Remove Formstack’s Name From Your Form

Written by Jessica Ernsberger on January 27, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

Advertising is everywhere. I cannot listen to Spotify, watch a movie or send an email without advertisements grasping for my attention. Does Formstack want people who fill out your beautifully crafted form to know who is powering that form, so that they may also use us in the future? Why, of course we do! But, if you are paying for our service, we love you enough to give you the option to remove our logo from the bottom of your form.

Unfortunately, just like free services everywhere, you will not be able to remove our ads and logo from the bottom of your form while on our free plan. If you are a paying customer, you may not want to because there is a benefit to leaving it on the form. We call this a Referral Badge. If you leave the logo on the bottom of your form, anyone who signs up through your Formstack Referral link earns you a $58 credit on your account! To see details of our referral program, please click here.

Now to the nuts and bolts of removing that Formstack logo (or Referral Badge) from your form.

1. You will first need to log into your Formstack account

2. Go to Forms

3. Choose the form you would like to remove the Referral Badge

4. Go to that form’s Settings tab > General

5. Look for “Show Referral Badge”

6. Choose “No”

In order to change this setting on all future forms go to:

My Account > Referrals > By default, show a Referral Badge on my forms and landing pages > Choose “No”

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