Using Formstack to Simplify the Hiring Process

Written by Kelly on January 18, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

If you were working for a large company, they have hiring down to a science. They hire new employees 10 to 20 at a time and the process is smooth and streamlined. At a startup or small business, there is not necessarily an HR team there to handle the whole thing. You may be hiring one or two people per quarter as your needs change. Sometimes these positions are brand new and you have to start with blank job descriptions. When your entire team consists of about 18 people, you may have almost half of them involved in the interview process that you need to schedule.

This is my reality at Formstack, and by using a couple of forms I make my life a lot easier. I use our forms to create each job application. I can easily collaborate with leadership on what questions to add or change depending on the position. Once the edits are complete, it is easy to post the job not only on our website, but on job boards as well. The form analytics tools help me gain insight about where our postings are getting the most views and submissions. The submissions can also be automatically sent to multiple people. That way, everyone involved in the hiring process is aware of the amount of applicants and can review them on their own time.

Once the position is closed, I can go into the submissions and favorite the candidates we will be moving forward with.  The second form that makes life much easier involves scheduling the candidates for interviews. I can use a radio button field on a form to allow the candidates to choose an interview time from a list pre-approved by the individual interviewing them here at Formstack. All you have to do is make the field “unique” and, once a time is selected, it will be removed from the list. This means no back and forth with the candidate and the interviewer on times. The form becomes the middleman instead of me. Yet again, you have all the submissions in one place and organized. You can share the submissions with the interviewer and know they have the information that they need.

This process can be replicated for each round of interviews and cuts down on the amount of emails or phone calls you would have had to get them scheduled. Once you have selected the candidate you want to hire you can also send them a form to get to know them a little better. Rather than having them fill out a paper form on their first day we send a fun little form so we know their birthday, favorite dessert, restaurant, etc. I like having all of that information in one place that can be accessed quickly. It’s always nice to know your birthday will be remembered!

How would you use Formstack to make hiring easier?