Support: How To Share Data With Formstack

Written by Amy Jorgenson on August 20, 2013

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As the mom of a toddler, we are all about sharing around our house. Doesn’t matter what it is: a half-eaten chicken nugget, half of a fruit snack, a drink of the “juice” in her sippy cup (which is really 98% water with a splash of juice); we welcome sharing and participate gladly to encourage it! So, why keep all the collected submission data in your Formstack account to yourself? Sharing reports can:

1. Help promote collaboration among a team

2. Improve workflow

3. Save time

How do you share, you ask? First, sharing is set per report. You can create custom reports and share your Data Table and Charts on an individual custom report, or any of the standard reports: all submissions, unread submissions, and read submissions via a Share Link (accessible via URL in a web browser). To create a Share Link in a specific report, open the report and click on the Share icon at the top of the submissions database when in the report.

When data sharing is on, the green “ON” button will show on the Share icon and the Share Link button will appear in the top right corner of the Submissions page. When you click the button, the shared view will open. Simply copy the URL from the Address Bar in the browser and share the link with others. Anyone who has the Share Link can access the shared data.

You can share just Charts, the Data Table and Charts, or all Data/Charts and Submissions details (this option also enables an RSS feed). The link created will only give individuals access to the data in that report alone. If your database is encrypted, only those with the encryption password will be able to access data shared via the Share Link.

Charts can be created to display the data submitted to Select List, Checkbox, Radio Button, Matrix and Number fields. You can create and manage Charts under the Submissions tab.

Note: For security purposes, the Chart functions are not available on encrypted Forms. You can select the Chart type as well under the bottom left corner of the Chart: bar (horizontal or vertical) or pie.

After you have created your Charts, you can share them via a Share Link, print them, or download the Chart as a PNG, JPEG, PDF document, or SVG vector image to send via email or add to a presentation, etc. These options are in the top right corner of each chart. You can also expand the chart across the page via the ← → icon in the bottom left corner of the chart or view of all the Charts at once in a full screen view via the Expand icon at the top of the Charts screen – which is good for quick presentations.

Data Table
When you share a data table, individuals who access the data table via the Share Link, can add or remove columns from the view via the Column icon at the top of the database. If you choose to share everything, this option will also enable an RSS of the collected data. As mentioned previously, individuals will not have access to other reports – only the report you share.

And there ya have it! Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Sharing!

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