Infographic: Save Time and Communicate Better with Approval Workflow

Written by Formstack on October 21, 2013

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In case you missed it, Formstack launched a new feature last week that makes it easier for teams to collaborate on group projects or protocol. With our Approval Workflow function, Formstack Business and Max plan users can now approve, deny, or comment on form submissions. Using this feature, companies or departments can organize their communications processes around Formstack, reducing paper clutter and preventing those constant annoying reminders to approve a report or a request for time off.

This week, we will be spotlighting three industries – higher ed, human resources, and franchises – and the ways they can build their online forms around Approval Workflow. However, businesses of every size or industry can benefit from the time-savings and organization that this feature can bring. We can rave on and on about how much this feature rocks, but we know that showing is better than telling:

aw-emailFormstack’s Approval Workflow v. Traditional Approval Processes

  • Approve form submissions via email. If you are set as an “Approver” in Formstack, you can log in at any time and approve or deny new submissions. However, you can also approve submissions via email, eliminating the need to log in to Formstack first. With this feature, you can approve submissions during your daily inbox cleaning, instead of writing it on your to-do list and totally forgetting to review the new submissions. Additionally, it puts submissions right in front of those who need to approve them, taking care of the need to constantly remind your coworkers to look at those new job applicants in Formstack.
  • Put your data in front of the right approver. Formstack’s Routing Logic modification ensures that submissions are only placed in front of the necessary Approvers. For example, let’s say your Formstack account users are managers from a variety of different regions where your business is located. If you are collecting job applications for a position in Indiana, you don’t need your Kansas managers to approve those submissions. Using Routing Logic, you can send approval emails only to those people who need to review them. Likewise, you can use Email Logic to trigger emails or other actions to the form submitter after all Approvers have reviewed a submission.
  • Keep track of the review process online. All actions made through Approval Workflow are timestamped, so you can see exactly when a submission was approved or denied and by whom. With traditional approval processes, you often have to organize several folders that track approval statuses or write down the names of people who have reviewed a document. Through Formstack, all of that information is automatically recorded for you.

Our Approval Workflow functionality is available for our top-tier, Business and Max plans. Ready to upgrade? Click the link below. Interested in learning more about this feature? Contact a member of the Formstack team.

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