Marketing Firm Grows, Takes Formstack Along for the Ride

Written by Abby Nieten on March 5, 2013

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Indianapolis-based company Roundpeg specializes in “helping small businesses become big businesses” through strategic marketing, web design, and social media consulting.  With a diverse staff that specializes in a variety of marketing aspects – from graphic design to branding to ghost blogging – Roundpeg provides its small business clients with essential marketing needs, helping them to effortlessly grow their companies and evolve their marketing strategies.

Lorraine Ball, Roundpeg’s creative director, has been a Formstack customer since 2008. At Roundpeg, she is tasked with new client development and strategy, account management, and the various administrative tasks that come with client communications.  Since building her first form, Ball has used Formstack to integrate her work processes, perform calculations, and aid with basic administrative needs. “Formstack was one of our ‘great finds,’” said Ball. “I love that Formstack has continued to evolve the form-building product.”

Lorraine Ball

Lorraine Ball, Roundpeg


Integrating Before Integrating Was Cool
As Ball became more familiar with the form builder, and as Formstack grew to include more integration options, Ball began to experiment with the ways Roundpeg could further utilize Formstack to manage client work. “A few years ago, long before everyone was talking about content and downloads, we started doing experiments with the tools we had been using:  Formstack, WordPress and Constant Contact,” said Ball. “We were excited to see that Formstack integrates seamlessly with the tools we are already using.” Since integrating its cloud-based software, Roundpeg has been able to offer an all-in-one content plan for its customers.

Who Said Math Can’t Be Fun?
Ball and the rest of the Roundpeg crew have also turned Formstack into their personal calculators using the Number field and through calculating total fields. Recently, the company used Formstack’s number field to create a simple project quoting solution for a client. Using an Excel spreadsheet, the Number field and a little Formstack know-how, the Roundpeg crew created a system that allowed website visitors to receive an instant quote on their inquiry. They were so pumped, they even wrote a blog post about it.

As Ball and Roundpeg continue to grow their client base and experiences, they hope to continue finding new ways to utilize Formstack and its integrations to make life easier for them and for their clients. “Spend time building forms to see what is possible,” said Ball. “Formstack has definitely grown as our needs have expanded.”

An Indy Small Business Helping Indy Small Businesses
On Wednesday, March 20, another member of the Roundpeg team, Allison Carter, will be joining Formstack at its “Collect, Engage, and Grow” Half-Day Conference as a featured speaker. Allison is Roundpeg’s director of communications. After attendees learn about the various ways cloud computing strategies can streamline workflow and engage customers, Carter’s session, “Content Only You Can Create” will cover the basic strategies needed to develop unique company messaging. While you might have to pay for marketing services from Roundpeg, Allison’s conference wisdom will come at no charge. Register for the free conference at

This post is part of the Build Indy blog series. Between February 20 and May 16, Formstack will be providing Indianapolis small businesses and nonprofits with resources and education about cloud computing solutions. Join us as we host a half-day conference about cloud computing strategies and give a $5,000 grant to an Indianapolis company. For more information, visit