Multi-Step Approval Workflow: New Features and Free Trial

Written by Formstack on December 3, 2013

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Recently, Formstack launched its initial iteration of our Approval Workflow feature, which allows users to approve, deny, and comment on form submissions. This functionality, available for Business and Max plan users, gives companies and departments the ability to streamline their data approval processes across multiple decision makers, from PTO requests and event receipts to job applications and contracts.

After receiving feedback from our customers, we’ve launched an update that will make it even easier to build a data workflow with Formstack. Our new multi-state feature within Approval Workflow gives users the ability to quickly build a hierarchy for new submission approvals.

How it Works
Let’s say you want to set up a multi-step Approval Workflow function for a job application. If a candidate submits a resume, you want it first to be screened by an employee (Amy) before going to a department manager (Jessica). Route first to Amy for approval/denial; then to Jessica for approval/denial if Amy approves; and so on. If a denial occurs, the submission stops at that person in the process.

To add a multi-step approval workflow to your submissions, add your first approver under the Settings > Approvals tab of the form. Then, click Add Multiple Steps.

This will bring up the option to add the additional approver(s) in the flow. The submission will only be emailed to approver(s) in step two after they are approved by the approver(s) in step one; however, the approvers in sequential steps can still approve the submission from within the app. After the approvers in step one approve, the approval email will be sent out to the approvers in the next step. If an approver from a sequential step approves the submission before previous approvers, the status will still be pending until all approvers have approved.

Try it For Free!
Now that we’ve built upon our initial feature, we want to give users the ability to try it for free. If you are on the Starter or Professional plan, but would like to try Formstack’s Approval Workflow, we are offering 30-day trial access to this specific feature. To start your 30-day test period, just click on the “Approvals” section within your form’s Settings tab.

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Do you have any questions or comments about this update? Please let us know in the comments below or email for more info.