Improving Internal Communication with Online Forms

Written by Abby Nieten on January 9, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

When working on a project or account that requires several people, it’s tough to stay organized and assure communication efficiency. If you’re like me, you love to keep on top of things and make sure everything is in its place. Sometimes it makes for a very frustrating experience when the proper resources aren’t put into action.

With Formstack, you can use our online forms to keep organized and make sure that everyone on your team is up to speed on the necessary information.

formstack data analytics

1. Sharable data and dynamic reporting
Formstack allows you to share any data that you collect with your colleagues without giving them your account information. You can send them a link that lets them preview all the information necessary. Collecting a large amount of data? Use our charts and reporting tools to summarize the results to your team. You can even use our full and wide screen features, allowing you to present your data in a professional looking way.


2. Notification and confirmation emails.
When collecting information from customers, users, partners, etc., not everyone needs to see all the information gathered. Use the notification email feature to send certain data to individual teammates based on how questions are answered. For example, if a customer says that he or she is in the midwestern region, you can set up an email notification to the salesperson that covers that region. This feature eliminates clutter while still getting the right information to the right people.

When using the confirmation emails, you can automatically send a message to the person who filled out your form, confirming all the details they submitted. If you have coworkers or team members who have filled out an HR form or appointment request, you can remind them of when their appointment is and what information they provided. It’s an easy way to nudge without bombarding them.

3. Third-party Integrations
Nothing is more annoying than repeating communicated information. If you don’t like to repeat yourself in conversations or directions, don’t do it with your data. With Formstack’s network of integrations, you can collect data and automatically send it to a third-party payment processor, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, or another database. To avoid redundancy and confusion, be sure to check out how you can use one of our integrations to streamline your data collection and management processes.

formstack mobile apps

4. Mobile Apps
Are you the kind of person that loves to have information in the palm of your hand? Are you always wishing your data was easily accessible in the middle of meetings or when you’re traveling? Perfect! Formstack offers a mobile app for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices so that you can quickly gather information around top performing forms, number of daily submissions and views, individual submission data, and much more. Never be uninformed when it comes to your data – even if it means in the middle of a conference when you’re nowhere near your desk.

With Formstack, you can get organized with the data you collect and share with your team. The more resources you have to streamline your communication process, the less headaches, meetings and emails you’ll have trying to clear up any redundancies or confusion.

Are you using Formstack to improve your internal communications? Let us know how in the comments below!

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