How to Make a Fundraiser Form

Written by Lance Padgett on September 11, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

Fundraiser programs aren’t much of a success without participants. In today’s world of online information, if you can open up your fundraiser form to accept requests online, then you stand a much better chance of getting your program some participants and publicity. An easy way to collect participant info online is to build an online fundraiser form through Formstack. In this post, we will get you going in the right direction with some fundraiser form tips!

What Fields Do I Need?

Your form could fluctuate from the form we are going to create, but we’ll hit on the main fields you will need to include for your form.

First, we want to collect some data about our client’s event. This comes in handy for two reasons. The first being we need to know what kind of event it is and when it is happening. Second, we can use this information to reach out again next year to see if the organization is interested in fundraising again. The fields we will collect here are:

  1. Event name/description
  2. Date of Event
  3. Desired Pick up Location

event information

In our next section of the form, we will collect the company and contact info so that we can reach out to the interested person. It’s good to have a name as a point of contact in a company, this way you can ask for the person directly. We will also collect a Federal Tax ID number & completed W-9 form from the company so that we can properly file the donation when it comes time. The fields we will collect here are:

  1. Organization Name
  2. Non-profit Federal Tax I.D. #
  3. Address
  4. Company contact
  5. Email
  6. Daytime phone
  7. Mobile phone
  8. W-9 File Attachment


company info


Set Up an Automatic Confirmation Email

Within Formstack, you can set up an automatic confirmation email to go to the person filling out your fundraiser form. We’ll do this as a courtesy to let them know we have received their request and will be in touch shortly.

automatic confirmation email


Dress It Up!

Make sure to use a form theme to get your fundraiser form looking nice and stylish. You can customize a theme to match your branding or even embed the form on your website and collect your data from there. If you’re not sure where to star? We’ve built out a fundraiser theme that you can start from. Come visit our form examples page to copy this theme to your Formstack account.

Visit Our Templates


Finished Product

Now that we’ve put all our pieces together, let’s take a look at our completed fundraiser form. We’ve added a text section at the top, an event information section and a company information section. We’ve set up our automatic confirmation email to go to our recipients, and we’ve added a nice form theme for style. Click the thumbnail below to view the live form.

online fundraiser form

Go grab this theme