Formstack Launches New Approval Workflow Feature

Written by Formstack on October 14, 2013

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At Formstack, we have been working to build functionality that will empower your employees to communicate efficiently. Today, we are introducing our Approval Workflow feature, which will simplify collaboration within your organization.

Finish tasks without chasing down co-workers to sign documents or repeatedly emailing a supervisor to look over a project. With Approval Workflow, group collaboration is made simpler and paper-free.

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Approval Workflow Features

  • Approve/Deny Submissions. When a user submits new data, Approval Workflow gives you the ability to approve or deny the submission. “Denied” submissions are still stored in our database. For example, if a user submits a job application that does not interest you, you can deny the submission. Then, your team can quickly view the Submissions tab and delete those candidates.

  • Add Approvers. If you need to submit data to a supervisor or work on building out a report with a co-worker, you can add them as an approver in Formstack. That way, you can quickly communicate on data without leaving the app. This eliminates the need for sharing the data in a separate email or constantly asking your supervisor to approve a new expense report.

  • Email Logic Based on Approval Status. We’ve added Email Logic that allows you to set various email functions based on a submission’s approval status. This is useful if you want to hold off on sending a confirmation email or other message until a submission has been approved or denied by all collaborators. For example, if one of your employees submits a PTO request and it has to be approved by both you and your supervisor, you can set Email Logic to send the employee an email after their request has been completely approved.

  • Email Approvals. This feature also gives collaborators the ability to approve or deny submissions right from their email. You can set your workflow to send all new or relevant submissions to an Approver via email, who can then click on a link to approve or deny without needing to log into Formstack.

Our Approval Workflow functionality is available for our top-tier, Business and Max plans. Ready to upgrade? Click the link below. Interested in learning more about this feature? Contact our sales team.

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