Formstack Feature Updates

Written by Formstack on March 26, 2013

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Formstack has been working hard on some awesome feature updates, and we would love to share with you. We’re excited to announce these new features, as our users’ requests have been a big part of this release. In summary, we’ve added an integration with Google Contacts, made our integration with Salesforce more robust, and made some user interface changes to submission data tables. Let’s hop into the details!

Google Contacts Integration:

Our new Google Contacts integration lets you create a Google Contact directly from your Formstack online form. This integration supports basic contact information such as name, email, phone, and address, as well as some additional fields such as company, title, contact picture, and contact notes. You can take advantage of Google Sync and automatically sync your contacts to your mobile phone. A great way to use this integration is to create a form just for collecting contact info & networking. Instead of collecting a tons of business cards at an event, have those people you chat with fill out your form on your phone and their contact information gets imported directly to your Google account and then synced back to your mobile phone.

Salesforce Integration Update:

We have added some new functionality to our Salesforce integration. Our integration now lets you create multiples of the same Saleforce objects (multiple leads, contacts, file attachments, etc). This has been a heavily requested feature from many of our users, and will help provide a more streamlined integration with Salesforce. More About Salesforce

Data UI:

We made some user interface revisions to the submission data table. We’ve integrated what used to be the bottom bar into the section above your data. The bottom area of the submission table now only hosts the paging and export functionality. You can now also show any number of columns and also scroll horizontally in the submission table.

We hope you take advantage of our new integration with Google Contacts, added functionality to Salesforce, and find the new interface changes helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below!