“How Formstack Has Changed the Internet for our Clients”

Written by Guest Blogger on December 3, 2013

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Formstack has introduced profoundly simple yet highly effective capabilities for our clients. In this post, I’d like to share some of the ways that NewPath Consulting’s clients have used Formstack to help them run their businesses more productively and profitably.

Formstack offers a robust starting point to many of the interactions with customers that your business depends upon for success. When used to its fullest potential, Formstack can help your business in a variety of ways including: generating leads, increasing email list signups, responding to customer service issues, selling your goods and services, raising funds, taking orders, conducting surveys and more. Put simply, Formstack keeps your businesses organized, enabling you to do things you used to do either by hand or not at all.

Resa’s Pieces

Resa’s Pieces is a 15-year concert band from Ontario made up of amateur musicians who want to get back to playing music. They play concerts regularly in the greater Toronto area. Getting a full-house for these events is a major goal for the band. While they called upon us to  brainstorm ways to achieve that, one method that stood out for its simplicity, ease and cost-effectiveness was a neat integration between Formstack and PayPal.

We quickly set up a page to sell tickets and event sponsorships with electronic payments online. They immediately had a new sales channel without any additional investment or high ticket commissions.

A Formstack form serves as the ordering system for their concerts. In 2013 more than 1000 tickets and several program sponsorships were sold through two Formstack forms. In 2014, three forms will run all sales for the organization’s gala concerts. Here is a screen shot of last year’s form for Resa’s Pieces Strings.

Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine

Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM), the only non-profit and fully accredited homeopathic school in Ontario, relies on Formstack to build its student base. Prospective students the world over can apply to their in-class or distance education courses. Enquiries from prospective students are automatically and instantly sent to the corresponding departments.

As an organization that has been running their operations on paper and email for the most part, handling enquiries with this level of efficiency is a breakthrough in how it positions itself in the minds of its prospective students. Application requests are not lost in email and can always be followed up. Formstack’s new recently announced approval functionality is also being used to route completed applications to the admissions office.

Please check out the OCHM information request form and the application form.

For Our Own Success, Formstack is Crucial

At NewPath Consulting, our main touch points with the world are our 1] website and 2] the forms (powered by Formstack) that interact with our existing clients and prospects.

The main interactive forms on our website are:

1. Customer Support Form at support.newpathconsulting.com.

This is how our clients contact NewPath Consulting for support requests. The requests are prioritized by our clients and  forwarded to the appropriate service agent for a quick resolution. The form also creates a case in 37signals Highrise CRM as well as populates a Google Docs dashboard that assists in case review and re-assignment if necessary. Our organization is not yet in need of a high end support system, so we built a simple and effective one that is great for us.

2. Prospect Survey  at http://www.newpathconsulting.com/10minutes

If a prospective client is not sure whether NewPath Consulting is right for them, they can take a short survey that will help them understand how we can help them. A short 10-minute survey will help NewPath Consulting align to our potential client’s business strategies and understanding of cloud computing. The sooner we assess about the our prospect’s unique business needs, the easier it gets to make the right decision. This form helps with just that.

3. NewPath Consulting Subscription Form at www.newpathconsulting.com/pricing.html

This is where new clients subscribe to a NewPath Consulting software and service subscription. This page is the most important one for our business. The form uses integration between various online tools including Formstack, 37signals Highrise CRM, Freshbooks, Twitter and PayPal recurring payment feature. This form has been very reliable for us as every client has completed this form to start their ongoing relationship with NewPath Consulting.

Formstack is not just a form builder, as you can see. For NewPath Consulting and our clients Formstack has evolved into a robust gateway through which all leads, email subscribers, donors, followers, clients can start engaging with your business. NewPath Consulting clients are seeing the clear benefits of such a solution. I want to thank Formstack for helping our clients and us to become more powerful online, more productive and profitable.

Alex Sirota (@alexsirota), Founder and Director of NewPath Consulting, helps small businesses with zero-to-minimal software experience keep their technology expenses low, market their businesses better, launch their business faster and turn profits sooner. He has more than 20 years of experience working with small businesses and can help solve your technology and marketing challenges.