If Formstack Cameo’d in the “Best Picture” Contenders …

Written by Kelly on February 22, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

I love movies. This year I managed to see all nine of the Best Picture Nominees. As I watched I couldn’t help but notice how many of the characters could have benefited from using Formstack forms. I acknowledge that “Django Unchained” is set in the 1800s and Pi clearly didn’t have a laptop or WiFi on that boat, but it’s fun to use your imagination and how they could have used a few forms to make their lives much easier.

Django Unchained
Dr. King Schultz and Django wouldn’t have had access to technology, but their bounty-hunting ways would have been greatly improved with Formstack and a tablet or smartphone. Collecting bounties would be much easier using a form and integration with a payment processor of their choosing. Also they could receive the next assignment on the go without traveling as far by using a form to receive their next bounty. Dr. Schultz told Django to keep the poster from his first bounty…I say why not keep them all! Use a form to upload a photo of the posters, and a record of the bounties is kept neat and orderly.

Life of Pi
Yet again, if Pi had access to technology he probably wouldn’t have been on the boat for that long in the first place, but, if you can, imagine how much easier it would have been to keep a daily log of activity with a Formstack form. He could have entered the inventory of his supplies and also included a long answer field to jot down his thoughts. Throughout the film he kept a tally of how many days he had been on the boat by carving it on the side. All he would need was a number field on that form and he wouldn’t have had that constant reminder of how long he had been out at sea. Formstack would have kept Pi a little more relaxed and organized.

When Tony Mendez is trying to get the U.S. diplomats out of Iran, he gives them new identities and quizzes them on those identities rigorously. He quizzes them as a group, while they study in between. He could use Formstack to make a form and quiz them on their new identities like they would have been at school. He could watch the submissions and once they start to get the hang of their new identities he would be able to quiz them on the items they were struggling with. He also could have used a form to quickly make sure they had everything they needed to get out of Iran. Passport? Check! Luggage? Check! That way when they left the Canadian Embassy, they would have one less thing to worry about. The fake production staff for the fake movie, Argo, could have used forms to make them look even more like a legitimate company at a very low cost.

Silver Linings Playbook
It actually wouldn’t be that difficult to see how Formstack could be used to help out in this film set in the present day. Pat Sr. has a long running tradition of betting on the Eagles games. Keeping track of bets with Formstack would be easy and also help keep people accountable. Using a signature field he could easily create contracts and get them signed on the fly. If someone wanted to dispute what they said in a bet he could easily pull up his form submissions and show them where they signed on the dotted line.  He could accept money for the bets with a form as well and keep all of his records together in Formstack. I think Pat Sr. would be opening that restaurant in no time with the help of Formstack. (Disclaimer: we are not condoning the use of our forms for gambling. Imaginations, people!)

Do you know of any other ways the films could have used Formstack forms? Let us know in the comments below, and happy watching on Sunday!

Photo credit: Adarsh UpadhyayFoter.comCC BY-SA