Formstack Announces 10 Build Indy Finalists

Written by Formstack on April 26, 2013

Posted in Formstack Updates

In case you haven’t heard, Formstack is giving away $5,000 to an Indianapolis organization as part of our Build Indy campaign. Nominations closed on April 20, and we had over 90 submissions total! Out of all of these great companies, the 10 finalists selected embody Build Indy’s overall mission to connect and empower small businesses and nonprofits in Indianapolis. These 10 finalists will be completing a follow-up survey, which will help a panel of judges select the final winner.

Check out this short video we made with the names of the 10 finalists:

The $5,000 winner will be announced at our Build Indy “Celebrate the City” Party on May 16, where attendees can also vote for second and third prize winners. The second prize winner will receive all of the money from ticket sales, so register and support local business! The Build Indy “Celebrate the City” Party will be on Thursday, May 16 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Speak Easy. Tickets are $10/person. For more information about each of these organizations and to register for Build Indy’s “Celebrate the City” Party on May, please visit