Form Makeover Series: Riggs Ambulance Service

Written by Lance Padgett on March 27, 2013

Posted in Form Optimization

Welcome to our first Form Makeover Series post!

Riggs Ambulance Service is a California-based EMT and medical organization. They provide first-class EMT service to tactical police services, such as SWAT teams. The EMTs and paramedics with Riggs Ambulance Service specialize in providing care in dangerous conditions and hazardous situations. They also respond to 911 callouts, working with 15 emergency services agencies in the Merced County, California area.

The form Riggs Ambulance Service submitted was an employee occurrence report. Employees with RAS use this form to fill out any unusual events that occur while working, such as a vehicle issue or a computer error. We took the previous  form and mimicked the design of their website, adding their logo and banner design to the top of the form. This way, when employees visit the form to fill out an occurrence report, they don’t feel like they are leaving the original RAS site to submit their information. If you direct site visitors to a separate page to fill out forms, keeping the form design synonymous with your website will build user trust and enhance their overall website experience.

Here’s what the old occurrence report looked like:

riggs form before

And here’s the form, post-makeover:

riggs form after

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