Form Makeover: Manchester Monarchs Hockey

Written by Lance Padgett on November 22, 2013

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Welcome to an official Form Makeover Series post. The Manchester Monarchs, one of our awesome customers, was kind enough to submit their Formstack web form for a makeover evaluation. Let us tell you a bit about the Monarchs, and then we’ll jump into this form makeover.

The Monarchs are the top affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings professional hockey team. The team is based in Manchester, New Hampshire. The Monarchs’ marketing department sent us a cool form that (with the help of conditional logic and payment calculations) allows their fans to submit orders for season tickets and even enroll in a payment plan. The Monarchs have this form embedded on the season ticket page of their website.

So What Changed?


In the redesign, two big aspects we’ve incorporated are a price structure table and a list of benefits that the Monarchs wanted to place on their Formstack form. Both of these tables existed outside of their embedded form, so to make it easier for their sales team, we’ve moved them on the form itself. The Monarchs’ sales team uses the direct form link to collect sales on iPads. By moving both the pricing table and the list inside the form, we’ve helped make the form more efficient for their team. We’ve also placed an image of the stadium seating chart into the form to help their sales team easily show customers where seats are located.


We’ve also done a little styling to help the form resemble the Monarchs’ website. Most noticeably, we’ve placed their logo at the head of the form. We mimicked the black/grey gradient for the header style, and added some touches of purple. Lastly, we’ve softened the corners of the text input fields and styled the submit button to be large, bold and use their website font for button text.

Here’s what the form looked like before & after the redesign. Click on the new design to see a live version.

monarchs form before makeoverMonarchs season ticket form


Are you interested in having Formstack give your form a fresh new look? Follow the link below to submit your information, and we’ll be in touch! Any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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