Form Makeover Series: Glacier Mountain

Written by Lance Padgett on July 1, 2013

Posted in Case Studies, Form Optimization

Welcome to an official post from our Form Makeover Series!

Glacier Mountain is a bottler and distributor of natural spring water in the New Jersey area. They serve both residential and commercial customers, and they also offer private company water with custom labels for customers.

Glacier Mountain submitted a Formstack form that works as both a contact form and a quote request form in one. Glacier Mountain uses this form to both collect leads and take inquiries. In the redesign, we’ve incorporated the same blue color scheme that exists on the Glacier Mountain website. We’ve also styled up the form buttons to match the same blue color and incorporated an element of water on the form with the droplet graphic on the right.

Here’s what the contact form looked like:

Glacier Mountain form before

And here’s the form, post-makeover:

Glacier Mountain form after

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