Form Makeover Series: Baltimore Medical Center

Written by Lance Padgett on April 11, 2013

Posted in Case Studies, Form Optimization

Welcome to our Form Makeover Series post!

Greater Baltimore Medical Center is a hospital located on a beautiful suburban campus and handles more than 26,700 inpatient cases and approximately 60,000 emergency room visits annually.

The form GBMC submitted was an appointment request form. Patients of GBMC use this form to request an appointment, the reason for that appointment, preferred location, and even a preferred physician. We’ve taken the original form and added as much of the GBMC website styling that we could. This way, when patients visit the form, they won’t feel like they are leaving the original GBMC website to submit their information. If you direct site visitors to a separate page to fill out forms, keeping the form design synonymous with your website will build user trust and help enhance their overall website experience.

Here’s what the old appointment request form looked like:

gbmc before

And here’s the form, post-makeover:

gbmc after

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