Advanced Permissions & Import Form Examples

Written by Formstack on May 10, 2013

Posted in Formstack Updates

The Formstack crew has been working hard on a few awesome new features, and we would love to share them with you. We’ve done an update that now lets you drag & drop user permissions. We’ve also added a convenient feature on our Examples page that lets you copy any of our example forms directly into your Formstack account.

Drag & Drop User Permissions:

You can now drag & drop user permissions easily on the Settings page of each individual form. When you give a user permissions on a form, you assign either Full, Write or Read permissions. If you are managing multiple users across many forms, now you can simply manage user permissions by adding user permissions on each specific form.

drag user permissions


If you want to move users between permission levels, simply drag & drop that user to the correct permissions box.

drop user permissions

Read More About User Permissions


Form Example Imports:

You can now import the online forms on our form examples page directly into your Formstack account. See a nice form you would like to start from or implement? Well, just hover over the form you want to copy and click on the “Get this form” button.

Form Example Import

A lightbox will then pop up allowing you to either login to your Formstack account or create a new account right from the page.

Example Form Import

Once you do this, the form will be copied into your account. You can use the form as is or modify the form to fit your needs. Being able to import an example form works very similarly to our predefined form templates, but the nice part about copying an example is that you get the styling, formatting & images!

See Our Examples Page

We hope you take advantage of our new drag & drop user permissions, and go add some of our example forms to your account! Let us know what you think of these new features in the comments below.