Using Online Forms for More Effective Multitasking

Written by Guest Blogger on August 19, 2013

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The workplace is changing.  More people are working remotely, more employers are allowing for flexible schedules and work forces no longer all have to be in the same office to conduct essential business functions.  Because of this trend, employees are reporting a better work-life balance, companies are spending less on their overhead costs and we can connect to job seekers and business professionals on a global level like never before.  This is particularly true at Windsor Resources, as well as across the rest of the executive recruiting and temporary staffing industry. Quite literally, all our employees need is an internet-connected computer and a phone (or webcam), and they are set up!  The nature of staffing has gone global as the demand for qualified employees increases and talent can be found around the world.

At Windsor, we use cloud computing services like Formstack for a variety of information gathering purposes – all with the ease of sending a URL via email.  This makes gathering placement and commission information, as well as communicating job posting details and employee survey answers, easy.  I have seen firsthand how having all the information in a safe and user-friendly way helps us run reports, keep data organized and use this information to keep business operating.

  • Simple information: If a recruiter who works remotely in Florida makes a placement for a company here in New York, they can fill out the Formstack form and submit from their home computer.  They receive a confirmation email that it was submitted, and go about their work.  Back in New York, we then have all the necessary information to complete the placement and to get a candidate working!
  • Job postings: As we all know, job postings are no longer in the newspaper classifieds sections with a few lines of text.  Both candidates and clients are demanding in-depth job descriptions and summaries in an effort to attract the best talent.  The ability to gather vital information from our employees like salary information, required experience and/or educational background is key to streamlining our business practices and staying competitive in such a fast-paced environment. 
  • Surveys: Because Windsor employs a number of temporary employees throughout the New York area and beyond, we must keep in touch with them.  This is done through annual surveys about everything from their experience with us to their experience on-site at their jobs.  Also, we use this to gain valuable feedback from internal employees about the work environment or the company as a whole, and use that data to make the company function better.
  • Presentation: Having all the above data in one place makes it easy to be presented to company executives in Excel spreadsheets or other formats to show growth and/or trends in your findings.  With the ability to see, analyze and submit forms through the smartphone app – all of that just got easier. 

What is your business doing to streamline the flow of information? Let’s connect in the comments below!

About the Author
Katie Sansone is the Social Media Manager for Windsor Resources.  Windsor Resources is an executive recruiting firm located in Midtown Manhattan that specializes in permanent and contract placement of employees in a variety of industries including Administrative Office Support, Information Technology, Healthcare and Accounting & Finance.