Q&A with Patrick Tarpey of SmartFile

Written by Formstack on April 2, 2013

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Patrick Tarpey is the communications coordinator at SmartFile, a small tech business located in Indianapolis. His role at SmartFile is to help “create the right message, at the right time, for the right people.” We recently asked Patrick about Smartfile and how Formstack plays a role in its work processes. Here’s what he said: 

Tell us a bit about your company:
SmartFile‘s file sharing and FTP solutions are built on an open source API to provide businesses with a powerful, yet flexible, platform for digital asset management.SmartFile_logo_withTag

Headquartered in Indianapolis, SmartFile is made up of a team of tech junkies passionate about big data and file sharing. And we aren’t your average startup – we pride ourselves on our talent, as each of our team members has no less than ten years of Internet and/or entrepreneurial experience.

SmartFile has served thousands of users and has helped share millions of files in over 140 countries. From Fortune 500 companies to the one-man enterprise, SmartFile has been the trusted platform chosen by customers to move big data in a secure environment. Our customers come to us with a need to start, switch or try a new approach to securely send, receive and store files online. SmartFile’s homegrown, high-density storage pods can be redesigned easily – allowing us to scale cheaply and provide greater control over cost/uptime. Our customers stay with us because we provide an agile, dependable and cost-effective infrastructure tailored to fit their needs while they focus on what they do best.

What kind of responsibilities are you generally tasked with?
SmartFile as a software is tasked with providing reliable file hosting service that provides maximum uptime and consistent transfer speeds. SmartFile as a company is tasked with providing dedicated and prompt support to all of our clients and users. It is SmartFile’s responsibility to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied and happy with the service we provide. Another responsibility includes forecasting any future issues and potential problems by not only preparing appropriately for all perceived threats, but also continuing to push innovation and efficiency in all our processes. We’re always listening to what our clients are saying, and based on feedback through support tickets, survey forms (created through Formstack) and even social media; we’re able to quickly decipher which issues should be addressed first.

How has Formstack most importantly affected your company’s workflow or work processes?
Formstack has provided an easy alternative to creating HTML forms from scratch.  We can easily spin up a new form and have it up on our websites in no time.  The information is displayed in a very easy way, making it simple to analyze the data returned.  It has definitely made collecting information from our clients much easier and more user-friendly. Formstack has been a great tool for being able to host programming contests and capture leads via marketing techniques, not to mention that it has saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with Formstack?
Think about creative ways to deploy forms, and it can inspire new marketing approaches!

This post is part of the Build Indy blog series. Between February 20 and May 16, Formstack will be providing Indianapolis small businesses and nonprofits with resources and education about cloud computing solutions. Join us as give a $5,000 grant to an Indianapolis company. For more information, visit formstack.com/buildindy.

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