How to Communicate Better with Your Sales Team

Written by Guest Blogger on October 28, 2013

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Sales is every CEO’s business. There’s tremendous unused value within every sales team, waiting to be realized, brought to the light and put to very good use. This post will show how every CEO, manager, and sales director can harness the wisdom of their salespeople, those that are in close touch with the actual users of the product, and increase sales in no time. We’ll be using a Formstack form that you can grab and start using immediately to gain some valuable insight.

Salespeople are your treasure trove
Salespeople are the frontline folks for taking your goods (products and services) to the field. They show how your product or service solves your prospect’s problem(s), listening to both reasonable and unreasonable objections. And, most importantly, salespeople must make the sale. In that process they learn a lot – about their clients and prospects, about other problems they have, what objections really mean, other ways to position the product, user feedback, buyer psychology, etc. Smart salespeople register this information all the time, and put it to good use in future situations. Can you imagine how valuable your sales force would be if all of them are are equally effective as your top ones?

Salespeople want to be helped
Most sales positions have a significant pay-for-performance component. It is a huge performance motivator. Some salespeople exceed their targets, some meet their targets, and some are underperformers. Each one of them wants to perform well in front of a potential customer – they want to be able to be confident, answer all of their questions, be relaxed and win the sale. That’s a dream for most people. It is both the organization’s responsibility and the super-performers’ to help the underachievers, and then collectively improve the organization’s performance.

Let’s see how to close this gap next.

Not every super-performer shares their ideas freely
Though it is in the organization’s best interest for super-performers to share their secrets, winning scripts and proven closing strategies, not everyone will be willing to do so. It is possible for some systematic knowledge transfer from one group to the other. It is the sales manager’s job to find out what works and maximize and multiply it. Use the super-performers to gather ideas for case studies, testimonials, best practice guides and other things that will help the entire salesforce.

You may add some incentives to make the whole process fun, motivating and engaging. You can consider title changes for the super-performers (ex. Sales Maven, Sales Warrior, Supercloser).

A pre-made form to help start the sharing
You need to give your salespeople a safe way to share their valuable ideas and insights. We have created an online form that will help you do it well. Feel free to adapt it to your specific situation.

What tactics help motivate your sales team? How did you encourage a struggling sales person to close more deals? Let us know in the comments below.

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