Build Indy Follow-Up: Urban Patch

Written by Abby Nieten on December 18, 2013

Posted in Case Studies

Can you believe it’s been almost seven months since our Build Indy “Celebrate the City” event in May? If you couldn’t make it, Formstack hosted an “all-things-Indy” celebration, complete with a local goods auction and a cash award to three local organizations. Two organizations, decided by audience vote, split all of the funds collected at the door and through our silent auction, while one winner (decided by a panel of judges) received a $5,000 prize.

We followed up with the three winners and plan to spotlight each of them on the Formstack blog this week. Yesterday’s post featured Growing Places Indy, one of the two Crowd Favorite winners. Today, we are highlighting Urban Patch, the other Crowd Favorite prize recipient.

Spotlight: Urban Patch, Joyce Moore

Describe your overall experience at the Build Indy “Celebrate the City” party on May 16.
The event was a great idea and opportunity to see people in Indy innovating and working to make the city better – more connected, healthier, and proud. It was good to see what others are doing and to meet new people.

What were some immediate reactions from your friends and coworkers after hearing that you’d won a Build Indy crowd favorite prize?
Everyone was very excited for us and happy to see the recognition of the value of our work, background, ideas and goals. Many were also energized to help us in the future on various projects.

How have you used the Build Indy prize money to improve your organization or the Indy community?
We have held the funds as we have entered into a longer planning for the Redbud project. We are working with people from MFCDC and KIB, and were held up by some Indy Land Bank issues, for getting access to the proposed redbud tree farm lots. We have been assured by the CDC that we can move forward, but our target is now to start in spring 2014.

What is the one thing you have accomplished since May that you are most proud of?
We have done other significant work in the community, namely the sunflower mural on 30th and Central and other greening projects nearby. We were recently featured in the Indy Star, and we also put together a session on our community and projects as part of the National Historic Preservation Conference in October/November.

What’s on the radar for your organization in 2014?
First we will be picking up with MFCDC and Destination Fall Creek (and KIBI) to do a spring planting of more redbuds (we already have done some this summer on properties we own). Next we will be expanding our programs to teach more about community environment and sustainability. This will entail continued improvements in on open space projects and also rain garden plantings in the community. And it is likely that our roles and relationships with community stakeholders will be further formalized with partnerships on key projects, including work with Shortridge High School.

This post was an installment in our Build Indy Follow-Up Series. Thank you to everyone who participated in any of Formstack’s Build Indy events or initiatives. As we move into 2014, we plan to continue supporting the Indy community through service projects, sponsorships and other local efforts. However, we have decided to discontinue the Build Indy program, effective Jan. 1, 2014. If you follow any of Build Indy’s social media accounts, please follow Formstack on Twitter or Facebook for more information about our various community involvement activities.