Build Indy Finalist Series: Urban Patch and United State of Indiana

Written by Formstack on May 10, 2013

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We have 10 awesome finalists in the running to win our $5,000 Build Indy prize. Each day this week, we will be featuring two of them in our Build Indy Finalist Series. The winner of the $5,000 prize will be announced at our May 16 Celebrate the City Party.

Love one of the companies you read about? Register for the event and come out to vote for your favorite finalist, who could win the second place prize. ALL of the money from your $10 ticket will go directly to the second place finalist – so the more people in the door means more money for your favorite organization.

We’ll be featuring the finalists in alphabetical order, so our last blog post is highlighting Urban Patch and United State of Indiana, who provided us with these descriptions:

Urban Patchcopy-uplogo_1line_m (1)

“Our work began in 2010 by researching our family history at the Indiana Historical Society. We discovered that our patriarch, Albert A. Moore was involved in the Flanner House’s community self-help programs in the 1940s that included urban gardens, educational programs, and a housing program serving hundreds of families. With many of the same social and economic issues still affecting our inner cities today, we founded Urban Patch as a legacy project to help educate and revitalize our communities.

Collaboration is critical for our work and we have engaged a number of partners and collaborators including local development corporations, nonprofits, banks, contractors and entrepreneurs, educators and artists, community elders and youth, friends and family. Since our founding, we have completed a number of pilot projects in Midtown Indianapolis in the Mapleton Fall Creek neighborhood and have invested nearly $200,000, many resources, and countless work-hours in revitalizing the community.”

United State of Indiana

UnitedStateofIndianaLogoUnited State of Indiana was created in 2011 with a simple image: the state of Indiana and six vertical stripes. I used an interest in street art and screen printing, as well as the numerous creative skills of my friends, to mass produce this simple flag on everything I could find and share it as a reminder of the exciting things happening here.

The goal of United State of Indiana, from the start, was to provide an outlet for collective excitement. I think excited people are the most interesting people, and when a city or state is reminded of the exciting things going on all around them, I think they’re more eager to share their creativity, positivity and passion.

I didn’t have a mission statement back then, but the words “United State of Indiana” seemed to sum it up pretty well.

Since then, USI has grown from a guerilla art project to a full-fledged clothing company. Our shirts, stickers and artwork has been shipped to 45 states and 8 countries and are sold around Indiana from small bike shops to the Indiana State Museum. Our growth can only be attributed to other passionate entrepreneurs who have made USI a small part of their story. My purpose has become to reciprocate the unbelievable support that so many people around the state (and world) have shown for this simple idea.”

Are you affiliated with one of these finalists? Want to connect with them? Let us know in the comments below!