Build Indy Finalist Series: Growing Places Indy and Historic Indianapolis

Written by Formstack on May 8, 2013

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We have 10 awesome finalists in the running to win our $5,000 Build Indy prize. Each day this week, we will be featuring two of them in our Build Indy Finalist Series. The winner of the $5,000 prize will be announced at our May 16 Celebrate the City Party.

Love one of the companies you read about? Register for the event and come out to vote for your favorite finalist, who could win the second place prize. ALL of the money from your $10 ticket will go directly to the second place finalist – so the more people in the door means more money for your favorite organization.

We’ll be featuring the finalists in alphabetical order, so today’s blog post is highlighting Growing Places Indy and Historic Indianapolis, who provided us with these descriptions:

Growing Places Indy
Growing Places Indy started with the belief that everyone deserves to be nourished by food that is good for people and the planet, clean – free from toxins and petroleum based inputs, and fair to farm workers, processors, and customers from seed to plate. This is the premise of Growing_Places_FULL_LOGO_RGBthe Slow Food movement, and it is why each of our current three growing sites is called a Slow Food Garden. We have come to believe is that the health and sustainability within our food systems is a powerful indicator of the health and sustainability within all of the other systems that are so critical to the vitality of communities. This has lead us over the past four years to pursue food as a gateway to community engagement, transformation, and understanding broad spectrum sustainability and wellness.

Our original garden was established in White River State Park in 2010. In 2012 we expanded to include a residential lot in the Cottage Home neighborhood, as well as a partnership at the Chase Near Eastside Center to operate the greenhouse and gardens on-site.  These sites provide strategic connections to the community – 1) a high-traffic state park where people of all walks of life from all over the world intersect, 2) a community center focused on improving the quality of life for the residents it serves, 3) a residential lot on a busy intersection that models the opportunity that anyone can grow food virtually anywhere.

We have also expanded our programming from basic gardening workshops and a summer internship in urban farming, to include after-school and summer camp sessions with elementary and middle school students; evening gardening, cooking and nutrition classes for adults/families; and a unique and innovative 10-week summer apprenticeship program that empowers participants to engage in their lives and communities with a greater understanding of and vision for sustainability, wellness and how food is central to both.”

Historic Indianapolis

photocopy2Historic has blossomed from a casual, periodic blog into a flourishing daily website/ e-zine and oft-cited resource on all things Indy history in less than four years. Historic reveals little known tidbits on a variety of subjects, interests and angles and has grown from a sole writer/creator to feature a number of passionate contributors. There is a movement afoot in Indy to get more connected and passionate about our city and Historic is proud to be playing a part in that. The more people know about the city, the more they like it and can enthusiastically share with others. That knowledge and enthusiasm is fuel for creating a more engaged, knowledgeable and enthusiastic citizenry.”

Are you affiliated with one of these finalists? Want to connect with them? Let us know in the comments below!