Build Indy Finalist Series: Drink Up Downtown and Fathom Voice

Written by Formstack on May 7, 2013

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We have 10 awesome finalists in the running to win our $5,000 Build Indy prize. Each day this week, we will be featuring two of them in our Build Indy Finalist Series. The winner of the $5,000 prize will be announced at our May 16 Celebrate the City Party.

Love one of the companies you read about? Register for the event and come out to vote for your favorite finalist, who could win the second place prize. ALL of the money from your $10 ticket will go directly to the second place finalist – so the more people in the door means more money for your favorite organization.

We’ll be featuring the finalists in alphabetical order, so today’s blog post is highlighting Drink Up Downtown and Fathom Voice, who provided us with these descriptions:

Drink Up Downtowndrink_up_downtownlogolarge

The Drink Up Downtown project started in August 2012 as a weekend project to compile all of the drink specials around Indianapolis for personal reference. Evolving quickly from a spreadsheet, Drink Up Downtown drew interest from Carmel investors within the first week of the minimum viable product being completed. This interest catapulted the Drink Up Downtown product from a resource used among a group of friends to a product set to debut nationally that seeks to become a necessity for every 21-34 year old looking for a good deal on a drink. Put simply, it provides mobile device users a way to access their city’s drink specials at the palm of their hand.

Fathom Voice

FV_logo_BlackTextFathom Voice was founded by two childhood friends, Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields. The company was born in their dorm room of Shreve Hall in 2007 while the two were students at Purdue University. What started as a development and web design project soon transformed into the Fathom Voice we have today. After finding their calling and passion, the two men then began to build a team of passionate co-workers. What started as two quickly began to change. Weeks Communications, now known as Fathom Voice, grew rapidly as they began adding departments and positions vital for its expanding client base. Today, Fathom Voice is an up and coming Hosted VoIP PBX provider that is branching out nationally on several different venues. What started out as a dream in a dorm room has now transformed into a company’s vision.

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