How to Use Emails and Forms to Build Hype

Written by Jenni Mettert on May 24, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

Some companies seem to really have “building hype” down to a science. Look at the throngs of people waiting in line for the release of a new iPhone or the months of small reveals leading up to the release of a new video game system. Hype-building is an awesome way to get people engaged and wanting your product because of a perceived exclusivity or greatness, and it’s not just for the major brands either! There are two major ways you can start building hype around your company using email marketing and Formstack forms.

Everyone loves a good mystery.
The first key to building hype is never giving away everything too quickly. Use a thought-out email strategy to tease whatever you’re building hype for. This could be a new product or an event. Decide how many emails you’d like to send and how long you’d like to stretch out the reveal in advance. This can be a fine line, as you don’t want to extend the mystery for TOO long for smaller company news.

On the flip side, a huge reveal can be stretched out for months – as long as the news has enough details to keep your target audience interested and guessing. Forms can play a role in this part by offering people a way to sign up for “exclusive updates” or to “be the first to know.” Send only your first reveal email to everyone and have your audience engage by signing up for your reveal email campaign.  Make people feel like they truly want to get the rest of the story and, if you’re lucky enough to capture them, they will be along for the whole ride.

Give your audience the VIP treatment.
Another great way to use email for building a successful hype campaign is to make the product or event seem exclusive or scarce. Many companies will email their database and include a form asking for RSVPs to an event or pre-orders for a new item.

The video game industry has been doing this for years and, by using simple teaser trailers, can convince consumers to order products months in advance without ever seeing the completed project. Brand cache and the quality of your tease will certainly impact how successful and how far out you can offer a pre-order or RSVP. If your company has a list of loyal consumers, they may be ready to sign up for your new product with minimal information.

Also, a pre-order or RSVP bonus never hurts. Throw in a special gift pack for the first 50 people to RSVP or an exclusive color for your new product. This can be anything from a promotional item to a VIP experience, but it helps to cultivate that exclusive feeling by limiting the number of customers that can obtain it. If someone is already on the fence and you throw in a bonus, they’ll be filling out your form in no time! A Formstack form is an awesome way to collect these pre-orders or RSVP’s because they offer both a great way to organize your customer data and can also be used to collect payment.

These are just two simple ways that you can use email and clever marketing to drive people to your product. All of the best marketing efforts for new products or events combine some sort of these key processes. Next time you see everyone waiting in line for the latest smart phone or tickets to an event, think about how the company drove up the perceived value before they even had a chance to see it.

How does your company build hype before a big announcement or release?