Build an Automated Marketing Solution for Less than $500/month

Written by Abby Nieten on November 5, 2013

Posted in Lead Generation

Which sounds better: paying $1100+ a month for inbound marketing software like Hubspot, or paying less than $500 a month by integrating only the specialized tools that you actually need? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

At Formstack, we think there is a better (and cheaper!) way to build marketing solutions, and we aren’t afraid of taking on the giants. Instead of paying big bucks for inbound marketing software, we created a page that proves the cost savings from only paying for the marketing tools you actually need.

With bigger platforms, like Hubspot, users pay big bucks for a suite of basic marketing tools.  However, why pay that much money if you only need a few of the features? If you use Formstack, you know how easy it is to connect your online forms to the web apps you are already using. With the power of integration, businesses can build a custom marketing solution while only paying for the tools that fit their marketing needs. Additionally, these specialized tools usually offer more advanced features that you wouldn’t receive if you were paying for an all-in-one solution.

Check out this screenshot from the page, which shows a basic cost comparison from integrating Formstack with some of the more common marketing tools versus signing up for Hubspot’s all-in-one marketing solution:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 12.20.05 PM

Most small and medium organizations need to grow into these larger solutions. By just paying for the tools you need, instead of signing long-term contracts and paying for required training (which can cost up to $2,000), you can do more with less.  Integrated, low-cost apps can replace large, bloated software. More importantly, it can empower SMB owners to spend more time growing their products instead of learning to use complicated marketing tools.

What do you think? Have you found success by building your own marketing solutions? Let’s talk in the comments below, and check out the interactive page for more on this concept!

Check out the Page!