Feedback on our “Collect, Engage, and Grow” Event

Written by Abby Nieten on April 10, 2013

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On March 20, Formstack ventured into the conference world with  the Build Indy “Collect, Engage, and Grow” Half-Day Conference. We were inspired to provide
Indianapolis businesses with a morning of sessions discussing the benefits of cloud computing software – and breakfast! The free event featured three sessions, each guiding the attendee through ways cloud computing can help them collect data and better engage with customers, resulting in business growth. Between the attendees at Launch Fishers, where the conference was held, and those who tuned in on our UStream live feed, we shared the greatness of cloud computing with over 100 people. Not so bad for our first attempt at this thing!


Formstack‘s Chris Lucas discussed the basics of cloud computing and how it can inexpensively organize workflow. His session provided the foundation for the following sessions, which discussed deeper strategies using web apps and content. Douglas Karr, CEO of DK New Media, showed audience members his favorite cloud computing tools and explained ways to create cloud processes to meet specific business needs. Finally, Allison Carter (director of communications at Roundpeg) dropped some honesty about the need for creating an original content strategy – and how it shouldn’t include memes and/or latching on to the latest video craze.

So what did attendees think? We’ll let the feedback speak for itself:

“I really enjoyed getting to learn from some of the top professionals in the area. Although the conference was geared toward helping small businesses, as a young professional, I found all of the topics relevant to my future in the world of digital PR/marketing.”Charlie Holcomb, senior at Anderson University

As a nonprofit, we are always looking for new ways to connect with the community and spread our message. We learned valuable information and made great connections with the other non-profits and businesses that attended. As a bonus, we have been looking for an easier way to manage our contact list and to collect form data from all of our locations. We were excited to learn about Formstack (and even happier it’s based right here in Indy).”– Elise Vestal, Peers Project

“What an excellant program. Information about cloud computing is invaluable. Chris Lucas’ introduction to the cloud had quite a bit of consolidated information, yet it was great to begin the learning process.” – Steve Gerardi, SG Entertainment

“Thank you for the great experience. The speakers did a great job and Lauch Fishers was a great location. That makes for three greats in two sentences. Oops, make that four in three.” –  Matt Lurton, Neace Lukens

Other attendees – what did you think of the conference? Any feedback from those who tuned in on the UStream? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: Photos from the event have been posted! Check out the Build Indy Facebook page to view them.

This post is part of the Build Indy blog series. Between February 20 and May 16, Formstack will be providing Indianapolis small businesses and nonprofits with resources and education about cloud computing solutions. Join us as give a $5,000 grant to an Indianapolis company. For more information, visit