4 Ways to Use Approval Workflow in Human Resources

Written by Formstack on October 23, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks, Human Resources

Last week, Formstack launched a new feature called Approval Workflow. Basically, that’s our official-sounding title for the ability to approve, deny or comment on submissions in Formstack. With Approval Workflow, Business and Max plan users can simplify communication and collaboration, but we know that showing you ways to use this feature is much better than just simply telling you how awesome it is.

As human resource specialists know, there can be several onboarding and information forms to manage with just one employee, let alone 50 or 100 employees. Not only can Formstack cut down on the paper clutter from organizing dozens of employee forms, but the Approval Workflow feature can make communication between your team or higher management a breeze.

With these 4 forms and Approval Workflow, HR tasks can be completed quickly and more efficiently:

  1. Job Applications. With Formstack, you can quickly create a job application using one of our pre-built forms or form examples. As candidates submit their applications via your form, all of their information will be securely stored in your Formstack account, meaning you don’t need to sort through a million paper resumes. With our Approval Workflow functionality, you can give your coworkers permission to go into Formstack and approve the candidates they like the best, making it easy to narrow down the selection.
  2. PTO Requests. Oftentimes, time off requests involve the employee filling out a paper form, which then sits in a tray for days until their supervisor can get around to approving it. Using an online form, employees can request certain dates or times off, which is then collected in Formstack. If you’ve set their manager as an “Approver” in your account, they will get an email every time a new PTO request comes in. They can actually view and approve new submissions right from their inbox. Gone are the days when employees have to constantly remind their supervisors to sort through the papers on their desks JUST to find that time-off form they filled out weeks ago. (NOTE: We just added a PTO request form to our Form Examples page.)
  3. Expense Reports. When employees take business trips or request up-front funding for a project, they are often asked to submit an expense report before they are granted funds. Using a form with a File Upload field, employees can quickly submit their reports to be approved by their supervisors. If you have multiple Approvers in your Formstack account, you can use our Routing Logic modification to make sure that only the people who need to approve the report are sent an email when it is submitted. Likewise, once all necessary managers approve the report, you can trigger another email to the employee telling them their Expense Report has been reviewed.
  4. Background Check Forms. If your company conducts background checks on all new employees, you can use Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature to track which reports have been ran. Prospective employees can submit the necessary information to complete the check via a secured form. If the check comes back clean, the form submission can then be approved. If there are any discrepancies found during the background check, you can write comments directly on the form submission, which can then be viewed by the other members of your HR team. If you choose to deny a certain form submission, don’t worry; all denied submissions are still stored in your Formstack account.

This feature is currently only available for our top-tier, Business and Max plan users. Ready to take advantage of this new feature?

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