7 Tips for a Productive Work Vacation

Written by Jeff on August 26, 2013

Posted in Human Resources

Recently, I got back from a visit to the Seattle region. I hadn’t had any time to explore the city itself, so I stayed over a couple of days to check it out. However, instead of taking vacation, I decided to work remotely during the day and do most of my exploring in the evening. Since there’s almost ubiquitous wifi access nowadays, it was very easy to do. Here are some tips I discovered that made the process a breeze:

  1. Let your coworkers know your schedule. Probably the most important tip. Don’t leave the people that depend on you for work out in the cold. Let them know your plans and the time difference that you may have, but that you’re still accessible. Also, make sure they have a backup way to communicate with you: usually your cell phone.

  1. seattle-park

    Remote working doesn’t mean sitting in a coffee shop all day. I had the Seattle Space Needle as my workdesk!

    Get out of the hotel room. Did you fly all the way to the other side of the country to work at your nice little Holiday Inn Express desk? NO! Get up, do your early morning email checks in the room, then get it out! At least head to the nearest Starbucks.

  1. Do some scouting. If you have time before your workday, get out and do some exploring in your area to see what’s available. If you think a restaurant looks cool but not sure if they have wifi, pop in and ask. Figure out what locations look great and what others you can avoid. Make a “plan of attack” for your next day that features the places you saw.

  1. Don’t just hit up coffee shops. Are you going to run the gamut of coffee selections at Starbucks? Maybe if you want to be wired until midnight. Make sure you split up your day with different types of establishments so you’re not always drinking java. Start with a fun breakfast place, then a coffee shop, a sandwich shop for a late lunch, then maybe even the library in the late afternoon. I’ve even worked in a city park before that was within range of Starbucks’ wifi. Keep it eclectic!

  1. Keep moving. Related to #4, don’t stay stagnant. Keep moving around to different locations. Most places won’t mind you staying for a few hours, but all day might be ridiculous ifwalking you just have a cup of coffee. Walking around will help you clear your head and stay on task.

  1. Have meetings while you walk. Call up a coworker with your old-fashioned cell phone and kill two birds with one stone. On your way to your next locale, have a walk and talk meeting. It keeps you connected and helps you stay productive in what otherwise is downtime.

  1. Head to a co-working location. These are becoming almost ubiquitous in their own right. Major cities now have multiple locations and smaller cities are starting to get some of their own. Most co-working locations will allow you to do a test run for free for a full or partial day. If not, many can get you a desk with a solid internet connection and quiet facilities for only $20 per day. A couple of sites to help find some at your destination are Desktime and Sharedesk.

How do you stay productive when you work remotely? Have you ever taken a workation? Let us know in the comments below!