5 Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Written by Noah Coffey on January 22, 2013

Posted in IT + Security

Given the amount of new websites created every day, I thought it might be fun to try and find some relatively new or unique sites that our readers may have never heard of. This is a collection of useful and possibly not-so-useful websites that you might find interesting.

Wolfram Alpha

Some of you may have heard of this “knowledge engine” before, but most people I talk to haven’t. A typical search engine returns a list of websites that might contain the answers you are looking for. Wolfram Alpha uses a vast array of built-in algorithms and data to actually present you with the answer to your question. If you use Siri on the iPhone, you may notice that when Siri doesn’t know, she asks her good friend Wolfram.

Try asking natural language questions such as “When is the next full moon?”

Couch Cachet

This is a funny one. Do you use Foursquare and Twitter? It’s pretty easy to tell when your friends are out partying it up and have a great time, because it shows up all over their social feeds. Do you ever wish you could accomplish the same thing without that annoying part of actually going out all night? Your dreams are about to come true. Couch Cachet does just that.

This borderline prank of an app will make it appear as if you’ve just had an amazing night out on the town. All by posting the fun, swanky places you might have gone to if you could muster the strength to get off the couch and put off another night of old Downton Abbey episodes on your DVR. Give it a shot tonight–just make sure you check your own feed so you remember where you didn’t go.


This simple screen sharing app is one you may not need to use every day, but it’s an excellent tool to have at your disposal. Eventually, you will need to show someone how to do something on their computer remotely, help a customer learn how to do something on your website, or broadcast a tutorial to up to 250 people. All of this can be done using the free version of join.me. I also love this service because the name is short and easy to remember.


This web app is geared towards designers that need to get feedback and approval on their designs. I’ve seen several apps that accomplish this task. However, Draft seems to be a very direct and simple take on this process. You just upload your designs and send them to your team (or whomever you need feedback from). Next, they simply click on areas they want to comment on and the app notifies you and allows you to view the comments.

As you make revisions, the people who have made comments automatically get notified of the changes so the whole process is streamlined. If you or your team constantly needs to manage mockups and gather feedback, Draft would be a great option to try out.


Have you ever used OpenTable to make a reservation? I recently tried to make reservations for Valentine’s Day, and the restaurant I wanted was booked solid through normal dinner hours. Rezhound aims to help out with this problem by monitoring your favorite restaurants and alerting you when there is an opening.

This service is, in a word, brilliant. It definitely should be a built-in feature of OpenTable. However, it isn’t and this website has done a fantastic job of creating a simple website that provides a valuable service. I will definitely be using Rezhound again (we’ll see if I manage to get my Valentine’s Day reservations).

Awesome photo of a cat on a keyboard by Douglas Woods.