5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Spring Internship at Formstack

Written by Abby Nieten on October 10, 2013

Posted in Formstack Updates

Earlier this week, Formstack posted two new internships for the spring semester: content and design. On the surface, you can already tell it’s a pretty sweet gig: a paid internship in Indy, free lunch on Fridays, flexible hours. But as a former intern who now gets to work at this crazy place every day, I can truly say that my experience was much more than JUST an internship. Here are five more reasons why you should apply for our spring internship program – we just didn’t have room to fit these on the job description.

  1. It’s like free ping pong training! If you come into the office, there’s a high likelihood you’ll play ping pong at some point that day. Correction: there’s  a 100 percent likelihood you’ll play ping pong every time you come into the office. When I first started as a Formstack intern, I was terrible at ping pong. Now, through our daily games, I can say I’m almost decent! I’ve even won a few games, believe it or not.
  2. Your knowledge of Internet memes is vastly improved. Because Formstack is a remote company, we use a tool called HipChat to communicate with each other throughout the day. One of the chat rooms that we use in HipChat is called the Watercooler – it’s basically our version of an office commons. Gifs (and arguments over its pronunciation), goofy photos and emoticons are a constant in the Watercooler, meaning you’ll get pretty good at sneaking in a perfectly-timed meme during a conversation.
  3. You have the freedom to be creative. As a PR intern, I often wrote posts for the Formstack blog. One day, I jokingly suggested writing a post about how cats can use Formstack forms (use your imagination, people!). Instead of getting shot down, I was encouraged to write the post and everyone thought it was hilarious! And guess what? It ranked as our 8th most-viewed post for a while. All Formstack interns are given the opportunity to pursue projects they are truly interested in.
  4. You’ll actually be able to build out your portfolio. I’ve heard horror stories from friends about the maid- and butler-esque tasks they’ve had to do at some internships – not at Formstack! Seriously, I never even had to make a beer run for these guys. During my time as an intern, I wrote countless blog posts, website and social media content, and how-to guides. When I started putting together my graduation review portfolio, I actually struggled to choose what items to include because I had created so many great content pieces at Formstack.
  5. The Formstack team truly cares about your success. The reason why Formstack internships are so successful is because everyone here (and especially the department you’re interning for) wants to provide you with learning opportunities to help you succeed. You’ll grow to value the sense of community we’ve developed around the office. We hope that, at the end of your internship, you feel a sense of accomplishment instead of relief, and we take pride in that goal.

Are you convinced yet? Apply for our content or design internship now! If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments below or on Twitter.