4 Ways to Use Approval Workflow in Franchising

Written by Formstack on October 24, 2013

Posted in Workflow Automation

Last week, Formstack launched a new feature called Approval Workflow. Basically, that’s our official-sounding title for the ability to approve, deny or comment on submissions in Formstack. With this new functionality, Business and Max plan users can simplify communication and collaboration, but we know that showing you ways to use this feature is much better than just simply telling you how awesome it is.

When managing a franchise, the last thing you want to worry about is organizing a stack of papers. If you are launching a new location, you might risk losing that contract that needed approved or accidentally shredding that report you needed to fill out. With Formstack and Approval Workflow, you can make the process of starting and communicating with franchises simple and paperless.

Here are some forms you can use in your franchise, whether you are a franchiser or franchisee:

  1. Supply Requests. If you are the owner of a franchise location, your managers might be responsible for overseeing the inventory. To ensure that you are always aware of the purchase process, create an online form in Formstack that your managers can use to submit supply requests, including quantities and unit prices. From there, you can approve the submissions. Managers can have their own user accounts in Formstack, where they can see the status of each request. Additionally, you can receive and approve new submissions right from your email, eliminating the constant reminders you get from the manager who just wants to order more toilet paper.
  2. Franchise Contracts. Formstack’s e-signature field can give you the ability to take all of your paper contracts online, making the launch of a new franchise location more secure and organized. An online contract is especially useful for regional franchise managers, who might live in Indiana but are planting a new location in Wisconsin. Additionally, if you report to a national office, you no longer need to mail contracts to be approved, saving money and reducing the risk of losing such an important document. Simply add your supervisor as an Approver in Formstack, and you can both approve new franchise contracts online.
  3. Job Applications. If your hiring process goes through multiple people, use Formstack’s Approval Workflow to make sure everyone is on the same page with new applicants. Once someone submits an application, set your decision makers as Approvers in Formstack, and they can go in and approve the candidates they like. If a user denies an application, he or she can comment on the submission with reasons why this candidates should not be selected. Using Approval Workflow, you no longer need to coordinate everyone’s schedules for an in-person meeting to review applications. (NOTE: We have a job application form on our Templates page)
  4. Leasing Requests. If a franchisee submits a request to lease a certain building in Illinois, that submission doesn’t need to be approved by a manager in Kansas. With Formstack’s Routing Logic modification, you can set up a function that only sends relevant submissions to certain users. Likewise, once that submission has been approved, you can trigger an email to the franchisee with information about moving forward with the lease.

This feature is currently only available for our top-tier, Business and Max plan users. Ready to take advantage of this new feature?

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