The 3 Biggest Drawbacks to Paper Forms

Written by Alex Lopes on August 13, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

When you go to bed at night, instead of counting sheep, do you count the millions of things you have to do the next day? For many, the items on your to-do list aren’t just a one-step process. To cross one thing off your list, you have to complete a million little tasks – and many of these tasks might require paper forms or memos. Nothing is more frustrating than following the paper trail from approval to approval. John wants vacation. Lisa wants this conference  expense approved. Darryl wants to transfer to another office. Your job is no longer about getting this done, it’s about paper chasing.

Keeping track of all paper forms creates three problems:

  1. First, it puts hours of work on your plate every week that you don’t need because you have to get requests to people all over the company. Why do you have to be the middleman anyways? Instead of doing your job to move the company forward, you’re stuck making sure the right forms get to the right people.

  2. Second, it heaps a ton of liability on YOU. What if a form gets lost? What if something doesn’t get to someone else on time? What if someone sees something that they shouldn’t see? With all the emails going back and forth, what if something gets moved forward without the proper authorization?

  3. Third, paper forms make everyone’s job take longer. I bet you’ve tried to build a difficult PDF form right? They take forever and you have to email the form around only to get data back you must manually extract. Your coworkers are waiting on you to deliver information, adding unnecessary pressure on your job and reducing efficiency.

So stop the paper chase. Put your forms online! With any online form option, the goal is to reduce time and confusion through instant data collection and sharing. With conditional logic, you can ensure that the person filling out the form inputs the right information and only sees what they need to see. With a feature like Routing Logic, you can make sure the right people get the form instantly (without you being the middleman)! And with the online storage functionality that comes with any web form builder (like Formstack! cough, cough), you can retrieve data in a matter of seconds, instead of needing to track down the right person.

Cut down your to-do list so you can go to bed and start counting sheep again.