The 10 Coolest Things About Formstack’s Approval Workflow Feature

Written by Alex Lopes on November 19, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks, Workflow Automation

Before launching Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature, many of our customers were asking for an approvals function. In fact, almost half of our customers have a form that captures applications or requests (things that need to be approved). The same count goes for customers using an integration (where they can approve data before it gets passed to their third-party app). Not only did we build out this feature, but we made it as flexible as the many other features within our form builder, meaning that a variety of customers in different industries can customize Approval Workflow to meet their specific organizational needs.

How flexible, you ask? Well, here are (in my opinion) the 10 coolest things about Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature:

1) Approve by Emails

Say one of your employees requests time off. When they fill out the time off request form, the approver will get emailed. That person can simply hit approve or deny from their email without ever logging into Formstack.

2) Multiple Approvers

Some processes may require multiple approvers. For example, say you’re hiring someone, and both the manager and assistant manager in the department have to approve the resume before a candidate can be interviewed. You can assign those two people as Approvers, and the application submission won’t be finalized until they both approve.

3) Approver Logic

Say an employee is requesting vacation time. You can set up logic, so that if they are in department A, then the manager of department A is the required approver, and if they are in department B, then the manager of department B is the approver.

4) Confirmation Emails

You can create customized emails, so when that request is approved or denied, the form submitter will get an email notifying them of the status. This feature is great for PTO requests, expense reports, and leasing requests.

5) Notification Emails

Say someone requests an order for new computers for their team. Once you have approved the request, your Formstack account can automatically send the finance team an email asking them to cut the check for these laptops.

6) Auto-Approve

One example could be for expense requests. In this example, your company requires all expenses above $100 to get management approval, but anything under $100 doesn’t need approval. You can set logic up in your form to assign an approver if the request is above $100. Since there is no logic set up if anything is under $100, those submissions will be auto-approved.

7) Integration Approvals

Want to review the leads that come into Formstack before you pass them over to Salesforce? You can set up your process using Routing Logic so that data only goes to Salesforce after it’s been approved. This helps with data integrity! (This feature is not possible with payment integrations).

8) Digital Record

Worried about tracking who approved what and when? Don’t worry. Formstack will digitally stamp who approved a submission and when. This is located inside of your submission’s detail page. If you ever get audited, you have proof of the approved (or denied) submission.

9) Comments

You can comment on individual submissions! This is great for getting clarification on a certain piece of data or to comment on why you approved or denied a request.

10) Approval Reports

Say there are three people who are required to approve what customer testimonials get put on the website. You are one of those three. After you have approved the submission, it is still not “fully approved” because others haven’t approved it. You can pull reports to see what you’ve approved, what has received final approval, what has received final denial, and what is pending (and who you are waiting on)!

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