Web Management Firm Cuts Project List Using Forms

Written by Formstack on November 18, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

Left: Steve Anson, Vortala

When you’ve got doctors, chiropractors, attorneys and other licensed professionals depending on your company to manage every aspect of their web presence, you’ve gotta stay organized. Founded in 2004, Vortala designs, develops, and manages websites for professional practices. Currently, thousands of doctors, attorneys, CPAs and other practice owners trust Vortala to manage their online reputation. From the website content to email marketing, Vortala can operate every aspect of a company’s internet presence. With a growing number of practices relying on the company, Vortala found that it needed a quick way to create forms for all different levels of complexity in order to gather data from its various clients. With the company’s developers working on a variety of other projects for the various practices, Vortala found that form development was quickly moving to the bottom of their to-do lists.

“Previously, we almost needed a court order (kidding!) for our development team to create a new form,” said Steve Anson, one of the founders of Vortala. With the need for quick form creation so the developers could focus on other tasks, Vortala found Formstack through a quick Google search.

Vortala began using Formstack for its every day business processes, including client orders, website design submissions, recruitment, or job application forms. Vortala now has several team members that are able to create forms and manage form submissions without taking time away from other projects. Anson is a huge fan of keeping his forms as brief and user friendly as possible. Due to this, he frequently utilizes Formstack’s conditional logic feature, ensuring that users only see and answer questions that are relevant to their needs.

“Formstack makes it super easy to create and deploy forms, even quite complex forms. And the delivery of form responses and security of data has been bulletproof,” said Anson.

Instead or relying on developers to create forms that could sometimes take days, non-tech employees can now easily create a form for any need saving Vortala time and money. In the future, Vortala plans to continue using Formstack to organize work processes, so the company can focus more on the needs of its clients.

“Formstack is very efficient and keeps us organized,” said Anson. “It has returned a 10-times saving to our business.”

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