Travel Agency Uses Formstack To Help Create Memories

Written by Formstack on October 2, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

Tenon Tours was created on September 24, 2007, after two former colleagues came together with a shared passion for travel, culture, and meeting new people.  Located in Stoneham, Mass., Tenon Tours’ goal is to create travel packages that appeal to those who want the security of pre-booked transportation tours while having the option to spend their vacation time as they please. Their travel plans focus on Ireland and its surrounding areas, and they offer multiple tours based on the vacationer’s travel preferences.

In order to run a successful hospitality business, Tenon Tours needed a way to gather traveler information while simultaneously collecting payment and offering unique travel options. By creating a simple Formstack contact form, Tenon Tours was able to quickly gather passenger information. In addition, integrating with one of Formstack’s payment integrations enabled travelers to pay for their vacation directly on the form. Without streamlining all of these processes into one form, the employees at Tenon Tours would have to direct customers to a different website to collect payments or require travelers to manually send in payments, spending more time sorting and depositing payments. “How much time has Formstack saved us? Short answer: a lot,” said Katie Fleming, managing director for Tenon Tours. “Without Formstack’s integrations, we would have needed to invoice separately in an external payment processor or figure out another manual way to collect traveler information.”

Katie Fleming, Tenon Tours

In addition to using Formstack for the actual vacation-planning process, Tenon Tours also uses our forms to improve the usability of their website. Visitors to the Tenon Tours website can submit a Formstack form when requesting more information, contacting a travel representative, or applying for a job. “We can figure out a way to utilize Formstack for pretty much anything we can think of,” said Fleming.

Fleming’s favorite Formstack features include conditional logic, self-calculating fields, and the ability to set up personalized automated email responses. Tenon Tours found that by exploring Formstack’s capabilities, it could quickly maximize their Formstack account. From taking payments to collecting information, Tenon Tours found a way to do it all. Fleming’s advice for fellow Formstack users? “Think outside of the box,” she said. “These forms and capabilities can be used for much more than just grabbing a name and and an email address.”