NEW! Toolbox of the Small Business Marketing Cycle (Infographic)

Written by Formstack on May 15, 2012

Posted in Infographics

We are often chatting with small business owners, non-profit employees, entrepreneurs, etc., who struggle with how to fit cloud-based software into their business cycle. As our team develops new ways to help guide you through the Formstack form builder, we also wanted to help you understand how Formstack, and other web apps, can be represented in your marketing cycle as a whole.

This week, we are so happy to share the new “Toolbox of the Small Business Marketing Cycle” infographic. Our trusty designer/search extrodinaire, Lance, has put in a lot of hours making sure we included as much guidance as possible.

Check out the infographic below.

What do you think?! (We’re pretty jazzed about it.)