Customer Highlight: Synapse Consulting Group

Written by Lara Parker on July 19, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

Synapse Consulting Group is a web consulting firm located in New York City. It provides its clients with the latest tools and resources, including web design/development, logo and branding services, web marketing, and e-commerce consulting. Its goal is to work one-on-one with every client to ensure they are utilizing the appropriate solutions that suit their needs and, most importantly, their budget. That’s where Formstack comes into play.

“Formstack is a required tool in any company arsenal.” -Jordan S. Braha, President.

When Synapse Consulting needed a solution for quick data collection, it began using Formstack. Formstack allowed for quick data collection from current clients and prospective clients on the sales and project management front. This allowed for easy submission of information into an organized format. Instead of sending out hundreds of emails with added attachments and hassle, it could now send out one simple form and get all the information needed. Formstack also allows Synapse Consulting’s clients the ability to utilize quick form setups at reduced costs – without a heavy coding element.

Without using Formstack, Synapse Consulting would need to custom build each web form, which could take valuable time away from clients. By using Formstack,  Synapse is able to dedicate time to various projects making their overall business process more efficient.

“Just because you can build a web form and integrations, does not mean you should use valuable time doing so! Formstack allows you to solve a big problem simply.” – Braha.