SMB Marketing Made Easy with New Integration Hub

Written by Abby Nieten on September 25, 2012

Posted in Formstack Updates

A couple weeks ago we launched our snazzy new form builder. With the new design, you’re able to build better looking forms in less time. Pretty awesome, right? Well, we didn’t want to stop there… and we haven’t.

Enter: Integration Hub

What’s changed? Well, perhaps mainly just the design, yes. (We’ve also made a few tweaks to some features that we’ll share with you this week.) But more than that, the Integration Hub is a place where you can discover how to empower your forms through our awesome integrations and plugins. When you partner up with one of our integrations, we’ve become more than just a form builder. We’ve become a means to communicate with customers, an innovative lead generation tool, an automated payment collector, and most of all – like the best friend you could ever have at work.

You can either visit our Integration Hub page on our site, or you can log in, go to “Settings,” and you’ll now see the “Integration Hub” option in the left column. Once you click that, you’ll be able to see this:

Take a look around. Read about some of our featured integrations. And if you have any questions, you can ask one of our support team members at or tweet us at @formstack. Also, we have plenty of existing customers who use our integrations, too, so be sure to see how they use them!

So sure, the Integration Hub may seem like just a one-stop shop for all things third-party. That’s cool if you see it that way. But if you really want to get the most out of your Formstack experience, I suggest you see it as stepping stones to making your business run smoother and more effectively. Don’t get me wrong. We’re darn proud of our form builder. But we know you want more than that…

Still not convinced on this whole “integrations” thing? Check out “Stop Building Crappy Software – Integrated Software Still Wins” – a post written by our very own VP of business development, Chris Lucas, on Marketing Tech Blog. Also, he and our go-to for all things integrations and partnerships, Nicole Witt, will be featured on MTB Radio this Friday discussing how integrations can help your business. Stay tuned for more details!