Improve Your Small Business Marketing with Formstack

Written by Formstack on October 1, 2012

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Formstack, being a team of 19, understands some of the pains that come along with starting your own company. Most of us have either started or currently own a small business, so we’re right there with you. Also, the majority of our customer base is made up of small business owners, so our team is quite familiar with what it is they need and want.

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be sharing some Formstacker insight, as well as helpful tips to not only get your business up and running, but also ways to sustain and maximize your business strategy and customer relationships.

Here’s how things will break down:

Week One: The Why and How
During this week, we’ll be sharing everything from how many small businesses are online to some tips on creating your vision. Noah, one of our developers, will share his own story on how he branched out as an entrepreneur, and Breena, our PR/Marketing specialist will share some ideas on how to get your business online. We’ll also have a Kenan Farrell of KLF Legal cover three questions you need to ask yourself before starting a business. We’ll get you prepped and ready to go for your big adventure, so be sure to bring a notepad.

Weeks Two and Three: Tools and Strategies
Okay. So you’ve decided that you want to push your brand online. You have a website and you’ve got a good grip on how you want to message your brand, now all you need are some tools to get you there. During this two week period, we’ll take a look at some useful and affordable tools you can use to boost your business brand. Also – we have a pretty awesome Formstack announcement this week that involves some in-app tools you’ll surely want to take advantage of. Keep your eyes peeled – this one is a biggie, folks.

Week Four: Maximize
This is where it will get really fun. During our last week of October, we’ll be guiding you on how to pair your tools and your knowledge of digital marketing and cloud computing with some strategic advice to make you a more successful small business owner. This is the point where you really launch your business and achieve that competitive edge you need to not only survive, but also to thrive.

We’re more than just form building-obsessed tech geeks around these parts. We are a team made up of marketing and entrepreneurial experts who also love to share what we’ve learned with all of you. So we hope you find the next month to be helpful as you grow your small business.

Want to hear specifics? Have questions for our team members? Comment below and we’ll happy to answer!