How to Sell Your Product Through Social Media

Written by Abby Nieten on October 10, 2012

Posted in Lead Generation

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are powerful tools to connect us with old friends, colleagues, exes, long lost twin brothers … you get the picture. If you utilize it the right way, social media can literally connect you with any Internet user around the globe. Because it’s so community driven, businesses are tapping into social media to promote their products, which can be successful if done tactfully. No one likes a company’s Twitter vomit about how awesome its product is. Here are some creative ways to market your product on social media without becoming “that company”:

  1. Link a “Pinterest”-ing picture to your product. Don’t think of Pinterest as just a resource for crafters and engaged people. Pinterest can be a powerful tool for your small business, if used appropriately. Create a pin-able photo showcasing your product or a way someone can utilize your product to fulfil a personal need. Do you sell handmade jewelry? Snap a professional photo of a model wearing your gems and pin your photo from your product form or company website. Every time someone clicks on the pinned photo, they will automatically be directed to your website.
  2. Extra, extra – Tweet all about it! Twitter’s user base is growing every day. If you seek out the right niches, Twitter could be a powerful platform for marketing your product. Utilize the Formstack Twitter integration, and your Twitter account will post a Tweet every time someone purchases one of your products. Research relevant hashtags for your industry, and include those in your automated Tweets to maximize their exposure. You can also promote your product by adding social share buttons on your product form, which users can Tweet out from their personal accounts.
  3. YouTube … or you don’t. YouTube isn’t just for cover singers and cat videos. Creating a YouTube video for your product is a solid way to increase awareness of your product or brand. Let’s say your company sells a wood adhesive. Film a how-to video using the adhesive to create a cool project, like a wooden lantern. Post it on YouTube using previously researched title keywords and tags, and link to your product form in the description. Anyone clicking on the video to learn how to create the project will see your link, and this could lead to some new customers.
  4. If they “Like” it, then you shoulda put a link on it. Like Pinterest, Facebook has the ability to grab a user’s attention with a funny or interesting photo. Have you entered the world of memes yet? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just Google “Bad Luck Brian.” A well-crafted meme based on your product or industry is easily liked and shareable. In addition, if you include a link to your website or product form in your initial upload, that information will go anywhere that meme is shared! I can haz sales?!

Your social strategy doesn’t have to revolve around Facebook only. Get out there and start using all of the social media tools available. Each has its own medium and unique purpose. Use them wisely, and you’ll get results.