Online Forms to Manage Client & Employee Communications

Written by Abby Nieten on October 7, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

Brian Wyrick, Chief Operations Officer, Raidious

Spouses share everything with one another, especially how awesome their favorite web apps are. That’s a conversation you’ve had with your significant other, right?

“My wife came home one afternoon years ago and told me how rad Formstack was,” said Raidious‘ Brian Wyrick,  the chief operations officer.

Raidious is an interactive marketing company that creates online content for its clients. Located in Indianapolis, Raidious aspires to maintain consistent communication with its client’s consumers through digital media such as blogs and email. In May, Raidious won the 2012 TechPoint Mira Award for Excellence & Innovation In New Media.Wyrick and his employees use Formstack to streamline their client records, as well as their internal processes. “If I could guess, I would say that 90 percent of our client engagement has touched Formstack at some point,” said Wyrick. “Either via our website’s case study request form or via an integration with our clients’ websites, Formstack has enabled our team to quickly complete tasks that would not have been possible years ago, for reasons either of timeline or budget.”

Visitors to the company’s website use Formstack when they request more information about Raidious, subscribe to the company’s email list, or even apply for jobs. Formstack is often used on the Raidious’ website due to ease of embedding the forms into a company’s content management system without disrupting the visual appeal of the website.

“Without Formstack, we’d have uglier forms, we would have to hire developers, and we would be forced to turn away some of our clients and their ideas, be it for budget or timeline reasons,” said Wyrick.

Wyrick’s favorite Formstack feature is the multiple integrations offered through our product. After discovering Formstack, he encourages startups and other small business to consider our form-building product.

“Put this in your start up budget and your technology plans!” said Wyrick.

When Wyrick and his wife talked about their favorite web apps, it led to Brian’s discovery of our company. Think about having the “web apps” talk with your significant other. It might lead to a fantastic new product for your company.

“Formstack is enabling, simple, and integral,” said Wyrick. “In short, Formstack is more important to us than office supplies.”