Guest Post: Web Company Uses Forms to Secure Data

Written by Abby Nieten on November 27, 2012

Posted in Case Studies, IT + Security

ProVirtual Solutions owner Mary Motz offers her solopreneur and small business clients worry-free WordPress websites and virtual office consulting. Check out Mary’s personal account of how she uses Formstack to secure her clients’ data and streamline her work processes:

ProVirtual Solutions provides WordPress websites, virtual office consulting and Internet marketing support services to a range of small business clients. As a solo business owner myself, I know first-hand the importance of both efficiency and security when advising clients and in executing their projects. As a long-time Formstack user, I count on it to meet both of these critical needs easily and reliably.

Mary Motz

The  Initial Problem: I have multiple uses for using web forms: my website contact page, new client information intake and purchase requests. I needed a solution that could address these multiple applications with the ability to integrate the information collected with several other web services I use, specifically Google Apps and Freshbooks.

The Solution:  While working with my clients, I needed to gather sensitive information such as account passwords and credit card information. Formstack provides a secure and easy way to do this, while protecting the data that is collected. In addition to SSL security, I use the encryption feature. This offers my clients extra peace of mind, and this approach is a huge trust-builder with clients.

I am an avid user of the multiple integration features that Formstack offers. For example, in one form I can collect a purchase order for my Google Apps setup service, requesting important details needed to fulfill the request. When the order is submitted, a service invoice is automatically generated at FreshBooks and sent to the client. Simultaneously, the client’s contact details are mapped to my CRM solution, fully automating my client on-boarding process. I use the same approach for new prospect requests for information and mapping new contact data to my CRM, eliminating the need for repeated data entry and reducing errors.

Formstack has greatly improved the efficiency and professionalism of my projects and marketing, saving time and eliminating data entry duplication. Questions about my company or how I use Formstack? Feel free to contact me via ProVirtual Solutions’ website or follow me on Twitter!