Nonprofit Creates User-Friendly Website Using Forms

Written by Formstack on December 3, 2012

Posted in Case Studies, Nonprofits

Orange County-based nonprofit OneOC provides consulting services, leadership training and volunteer coordination services to other area nonprofits and charities. Founded in 1958, OneOC has a 50-year track record of encouraging people to become personally involved in making their community a welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family.

“With volunteer, training, consulting and business services, we help Orange County’s nonprofits become as effective and efficient as they are passionate about their missions,” said Sierra Catcott, development coordinator for OneOC.

As a vital resource for many small to medium nonprofits, the organization needed a streamlined website that organized information for theirOneOC many services. The company wanted a way to create forms for event registrations, volunteer sign-ups and training evaluations, while simultaneously embedding them on its website. After a recommendation from a Salesforce client, OneOC decided to give Formstack a try. It quickly discovered the many capabilities that Formstack offers.

“We love the flexibility and affordability Formstack provides us!” said Catcott. “I would say Formstack has saved us thousands of dollars and months of time from not hiring a developer to build our forms.”

OneOC now has more than 20 forms created and embedded into its website. Expanding its uses from event registrations and sign-ups to ticket purchasing, surveys – even award nominations – the organization utilizes the Salesforce and integrations to successfully manage their multiple nonprofit clients.

Catcott and many other OneOC employees appreciate the user-friendly interface Formstack provides, as any employee (regardless of tech knowledge) can quickly make changes as needed. OneOC has also used Formstack to create donation forms, actually bringing in money directly to the organization as well as helping to manage clients. In the future, the organization plans to utilize the form builder more for client surveys and continue their integration usage.

“Formstack is very robust. It meets most of your needs, so don’t be afraid to play around with it and experiment,” said Catcott. “Everytime I think it can’t do something, I discover it can!”