Online Ordering Made Easy With Formstack

Written by Formstack on October 15, 2012

Posted in Case Studies

fonds (n.) ~ The entire body of records of an organization, family, or individual that have been created and accumulated as the result of an organic process reflecting the functions of the creator. Ex. Le Fonds, a photo archiving service in Connecticut, uses Formstack to help them organize their workflow and ordering processes.

Le Fonds started after Clinton, Connecticut residents found they needed a way to convert and store old photos and documents in digital format. Le Fonds scans photos and documents, making them easier to share and enjoy for years to come. Owned and operated by Jean-Charles Carelli, it quickly grew to respond to that need in Clinton. However, like many other small businesses, it needed a way to capture and model data efficiently. After a quick Google search to discover a product capable of doing so, Le Fonds began using Formstack.

Here’s the story:

Who: Le Fonds

What: Le Fonds can take all of those old photos you have sitting around in boxes and convert them into a digital format. By doing this, photos are more shareable and will withstand the test of time, which may not be true for physical photographs. In addition, Le Fonds appeals to local residents who know their photos will be handled by trusted employees and not shipped off to who-knows-where to be converted.

Where: Clinton, Connecticut

The Problem: Carelli found he needed a quick and easy online ordering system with the ability to have several different options, as well as a way to capture data efficiently. Additionally, Carelli wanted a simple administrative tool that wouldn’t break the bank.

The Solution: It can be difficult to be accurate with data collection when doing so by hand, and it can be expensive to pay professionals. This is where Formstack comes in. Since all submissions are funneled into Formstack’s secure online database, Carelli could quickly access customer records and new contact information. Photo archiving can require dozens of photo type and sizing options, making the ordering process a bit of an administrative nightmare. Le Fonds’ goal was to simplify the process and with Formstack, it did just that. Le Fonds could now rapidly develop web forms without the expense and time it would have cost to develop a solution in-house, while collecting and storing data simultaneously.

“When a company invests heavily in a solution, they are reluctant to switch in case the system falls through,” said Carelli. “It’s embarrassing to admit they made an error. We avoided that trap by investing in Formstack, and we created a really great way for people to order our photo scanning and archiving services.”

With Formstack, Carelli can provide customers with a user-friendly and professional online order form, allowing for more work hours that might have been spent sorting paper forms. Do you have any tips for users wanting to use Formstack to develop order forms? Let us know in the comments below!